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Beatle Meets Destiny Review #OzYA


I recently finished reading ‘Beatle Meets Destiny’ by Aussie author Gabrielle Williams. This is my second #OzYa review – yay!

Note: My review contains minor spoilers. Look out for *spoiler* and skip through them if you want.

Beatle Meets Destiny

Overall star review: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

One sentence story summary: A young adult romance built on superstitions. 

What I liked: The characters were interesting and diverse. It flowed quite well and for the most part, there weren’t that many plot holes. I also enjoyed the dialogue which was well-thought-out by the author and was witty and not too forced (which sometimes happens in books). The thematic material was clever and relevant, and Williams put a lot of lessons into the storyline (such as *spoiler* the stalker part and how you shouldn’t respond to weird and shady-looking ads, how you shouldn’t trust strangers, the pros of simply telling the truth instead of lying, etc…).

What I didn’t like: At times I felt like the story dragged a little and some of the conflict wasn’t resolved as well as I would have liked (there were some plot holes, *spoiler* I especially thought the stalker arrest was rushed and not quite explained – a lot of questions were left unanswered). I also thought that in some parts there was a bit of a superstition overload, and this did not make the plot very realistic.

Will I recommend this book? If yes, to whom? It depends. Half of the story is told from a boy’s perspective, so I would say it could appeal as equally to a male audience as a female. But to be honest, I wouldn’t say this was my favorite read. Sure it is different from most YA novels and would be a unique read, but there are better ones out there.

Happy reading 🙂



Cover photo source: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_TRzMMtHDrLc/TSBgXRQYCsI/AAAAAAAACyc/-Ov-Lb8nRI4/s400/beatle%2Bmeets%2Bdestiny.png

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Which of the two book covers is your fav? :)

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