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I’ve just read my first Marvel comic. Here are my thoughts:

Happy Friday everyone! Today I read my first ever Marvel comic. 


I wanted to share some of my thoughts today on ‘Marvel’s A-Force Volume 1’. This is going to be another spoiler-free review in the successful style of reviewing I began using this week – and thank you again to those who read, liked and commented on their approval!


Marvel’s A-Force #1 [2015] Review (NO spoilers)

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Overall Star Rating: 3 out of 5

One sentence summary: an all-female team of Avengers on an island in Battleworld face trouble and a traitor in paradise.

Adjectives to describe the comic: fast-paced, fun, emotional (it attempted to be), diverse (well… sort of…), easy-to-read, entertaining, action-packed, unexpected.

To be completely honest, finding adjectives to describe books is so hard… I might leave this area out in future posts if I can’t find a way to describe a book. Sorry!

What I liked: the art was colourful, bright and I liked the style and layout of the pages. The dialogue was okay, not bad but not amazing either. There were some ‘witty’ or ‘funny’ short sentences characters said that I’m sure many of you who watch Marvel know all too well, which at times were annoying but also kind of funny (I say ‘kind of’ because it did not make me laugh out loud). The story was fast-paced and with lots of action, and I managed to finish the whole comic very quickly. It was quite a fun read, with some interesting characters but I it lacked in the same field, especially in terms of backstory, proper characterisation and introduction (read further below).

What I did not like: the characterisation. I found myself not really knowing who was who and whether they were good or bad. I also did not know their powers or what they did, so that made me feel a bit disconnected from the story and the fight scenes. They should have introduced everyone better. Also, the women were drawn in an over-sexualized and perfect way, which was unrealistic, but I do understand it is a comic and the majority of the audience is expecting such art, and I didn’t mind it that much either because it fit the genre.

Will I recommend this book? If yes, to whom? I guess I will, although it is more of a quick read solely for entertainment. It’s quite empowering because almost all the characters are female, but the way they are drawn might be off-putting for some. The age rating for this is T+ (for readers aged 13 and above). In addition, there are some gross (violence) scenes at the end, but you can easily skip through those and it won’t affect the story that much. If you like Marvel and comics in general, ‘A-Force’ will probably appeal to you. 

There is an entire series for ‘A-Force’.  Will I read any more? Probably. At least the second one.

Thanks for reading! And enjoy the weekend + holidays!