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Lovely War Review (NO spoilers)

Lovely War Review

Why it is one of my favourite books and why you should read it.

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Note: I’m trying out a new review format. Let me know how you find it!


For my History assessment earlier this year I had to write an essay on the topic of ‘how did women’s role in society change due to war?’. As we were told to use multiple types of sources and not just websites, I decided to read a book or two related to my theme.

That’s how I found ‘Lovely War’ by Julie Berry.

I have to say I felt a bit overwhelmed as I held the book in my hands in the library, thinking whether I should or shouldn’t borrow it. It was bigger than most books and quite thick, and I wasn’t sure if I would read it in time for my project’s deadline.

I ended up borrowing it at the end. Can’t say I was disappointed.

(And I finished it by the deadline btw.)

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Overall star review: 5 out of 5 stars.

One sentence story summary: Told from the perspectives of multiple Greek gods, two love stories intertwine during WW1.

Adjectives to describe this book: emotional, adorable, tense, captivating, sweet, romantic, sad, scary, feel-good.

Ending: good.

What I liked: The variety of characters. All the characters were well developed, diverse and had deep backstories I found intriguing. I also liked the various perspectives of the gods and how differently the same story was represented and viewed by them. I found this diversity very interesting and unique, and a memorable read. The ending was nice and I liked that it wasn’t as sad as I thought it would be. There was a lot of different feelings throughout the book (some moments might make you cry and others, laugh) and I really connected with the characters and plot.

What I didn’t like: There isn’t much, to be honest. I guess I would have wanted some more at the end, mainly to do with what happened to each of the couples and their families. I felt the ending was a bit vague and left a lot up to the individual reader. This wasn’t bad, per se, I just really wanted the story to continue as it was so well done. Hopefully, Julie Berry writes a sequel??? 🙂

Will I recommend this book? If yes, to whom? YES, YES and YES. Everyone should read this book, but from my perspective, it appeals better to girls than boys. I’d say give it a try anyway if the book sounds interesting to you, and you can always put it down if you don’t like it.

Happy reading!!!



Loved the format.

17th Dec, 19

Thanks bookwithbane!

18th Dec, 19

This format is good - I like how it breaks it down.

17th Dec, 19

Thank you!!

18th Dec, 19

I think this is a great format. It breaks down your individual points and it's easy to read. Good job!

17th Dec, 19

Thank you! :)

18th Dec, 19