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Presented by State Library Victoria

Quarantine Reading Challenge

Hey there blinkies and blogdogs!

First of all: welcome to the new members of the community. ?

Second of all: I AM BACK 🙂 and I am so happy to have something fun for y’all to try while this quarantine is still going. It’s great seeing you guys reading so much! Personally I have been very behind on reading and it sucks but I’ve found some motivation in *finally* creating a reading challenge I was going to create one all the way back in February but things got in the way so yeah… sorry!

Anyways, here it is!

*drum roll*

Because libraries are closed and not everyone may have access to a free ebook or audiobook resource, I thought I’d give you guys some links where you can find free books and things to read!

  • Lights Down Reading – kids books on YouTube
  • Storyline Online – celebrities reading books
  • Ebooks@Adelaide used to be an amazing resource for online books but it’s now closed ?
  • If you know a classic book you want to read, you can search on Google “[book name] read online” and you will get results for websites or PDFs where the book is available to read for free.
  • Libby is an online library platform, there are many libraries currently using it!
  • For articles: you can read the news or read a blog like one here on IAD!
    • If you’re into science stuff, Science Alert has a lot of fascinating science news.
    • National Geographic has a lot of interesting articles.
    • For news: the Guardian, the ABC, Sydney Morning Herald, Seven News, etc. (there are lots!)
  • ABC education: there’s lots of stuff on here and it’s fun to explore!


I hope you find this post helpful in some way 🙂 Please comment below about how you’ve been going during quarantine/self-isolation! And what books would you choose for this challenge?


inky State Library Victoria

Brilliant! this is a great idea! Quarantine Book Bingo! I will join in and start an audio book too!

6th Apr, 20

Thanks Inky :) sounds awesome!

6th Apr, 20

Definitely joining!

10th Apr, 20

Yay, have fun!

10th Apr, 20

Looks super fun! If you're looking for picture books I suggest Shaun Tan's if you can get your hands on them. He is an amazing author and illustrator! Tales from Outer Suburbia is my favourite!

16th Apr, 20

Oh, I've read some of his books! His art is so cool and realistic

20th Apr, 20

I needed inspiration... You kind of just saved my life...

25th Apr, 20

You're welcome, haha! I also sometimes need to look for inspiration to motivate myself to do stuff....

25th Apr, 20